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Airport Rubber Removal, Paint Removal, Pavement Markings, Runway Maintenace, and Friction Testing

"The airport runway is the most important main street in any community"

We understand that our reputation is only as good as our last performance.  In the past 22 years of performing airfield rubber removal, paint removal, and re-striping, we have always made our job the most efficient and cost effective as possible.  At CKS Hydro Services we always keep in mind environmental concerns, and we constantly strive to be the most dependable in our industry.

We know that runway closings disrupt operations. CKS Hydro Services strives to maximize our performance and minimize our time on the runways.

At CKS pride in the safety of our personnel and airport staff is of utmost importance. For your protection we perform fingerprint, background checks and regular drug screening on all of our airport technicians.

As a contractor we are extremely proud to report in the past 22 years CKS has had no damage to airport runways or taxiways.

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Airport Rubber RemovalRubber Removal

CKS Hydro offers the most responsible runway rubber removal in the industry.  Our low-impact rubber removal gives your airport the best of both worlds. We offer the best removal job with zero damage to your aggregate, joint seals and airfield lighting.  Unlike other removal companies, at CKS we have resisted the move to ultra high pressure 35,000 to 40,000 psi.  In our experience we have seen much damage that was caused by ultra high pressure rubber removal.

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CKS Hydro Runway Paint Removal & CleanerPaint Removal

There are many variables to paint removal.  Age of the paint, degree of rubber and paint build-up and varieties of paints previously used all effect the removal process. At CKS Hydro Services we use our expertise of twenty-two years in the business to ensure that we use the correct nozzles, volume, and pressure for your particular surface. The knowledge of our experienced technicians assures our valued clients that there will be no damage to the pavement surfaces.

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Runway Re-StripingRunway Re-Striping

Our trained technicians perform top quality airfield re-stripping, using only the highest grade materials available. We adhere to all current FAA specifications when painting or laying out your airfield.

Our equipment at CKS is designed a little differently than most. Here are a few details that set us apart from the rest. We use a five gun system for painting three foot lines. We feel that this gives you a better line definition. Wind skirts are also used to prevent over spray. Immediately prior to painting, the area is cleaned by a air pressure nozzle located in the front of the paint unit.

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Runway Cleaner Friction TestingFriction Testing

Friction testing is a critical safety consideration for airport runways. While visual evaluations of runway conditions are important to note structural deficiencies and drainage problems, i.e.  ponding and groove deterioration, they are not sufficient to determine poor friction. This is where regularly scheduled Continuous Friction Measurement Equipment (CFME) is utilized. CKS Hydro Services has the equipment and the expertise to give airports this service which provides you with critical safety information and evaluation.

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Did you know? Rubber Removal. CKS is fast. We cover more than 20,000 square feet per hour